How Advantageous E-commerce Support and Services

Since few years, we have noticed a remarkable profit in E-commerce sector. As we already know that online retail industries are new in India. With increase in the craze of online shopping due to ease and discounts offers there is a huge profit in this sector. According to the survey, an approximately 2 crore Indian population shop online through internet. E-commerce sector costs approximately 13,500 crore rupees. But soon it will reach to 50,000 crore rupees till 2016.With increase in business in E-commerce sector, many start apps have launched which creates not only E-commerce websites but also provides innovative and technical support and services to merchants as well as customers.

How E-commerce Support and services beneficial for E-tailors:

Possibilities of Growth: Sectors like logistic and online payment have recently come into existence in online retail industry. Possibilities of profit are arising in other businesses like inventory management, software providers and discount coupon generator etc. Boom will occur with the discovery of new fields like product discovery, support technology, couponing in E-commerce. From 100 rs earn by E-retailer 35 rs goes into the account of the company who provides E-commerce support and services. According to a survey, the E-commerce support and services provider companies will earn more than 44,000 crore rupees upto 2021.

Thinking of Customers: As customers love discounts. Therefore there is a boom of websites who compares the rates, discounts offered by many e-retailers online. Sameer Parnami, start a website 2010 with a name Boston in the world of coupon said: that his destiny is totally depends on E-commerce sector.

Profit to Small Merchants: Small merchants have to manage their sales on various E-commerce websites like snapdeal, amazon, flipkart etc. For this they need to be aware about technology. Many small merchants are not skilled in using internet. So many companies providing support to them in the fields like logistic, packaging and cataloguing etc.

Help E-tailors in sales: Targeting mantra companies like Shopclues, Yepmi, Bluestone etc. These companies provide knowledge to retailers of online concepts like personalization platform which is based on clouds.

How E-commerce Support and services beneficial
How E-commerce Support and services beneficial

How E-Commerce Support and Services are advantageous for Customers:

In e-commerce sector, customers play a vital role. Whole business depends on sales and purchases made by them. So there should be some advantages for customers also.

Couponing: Couponing websites send the traffic to the online stores with discount offers on various products and services. If any person purchases any item from e-tailors websites come through affiliate link then that couponing websites get a commission from a sale.

Start apps: Coupnation, couponrani, couponduniya, couponindia etc.

Comparison of Price, rates and discounts: There are various engines which collects information of various products with price, discounts and various offers from different e-tailors. Then they display all the gathered information on their website. With this customers can easily make a quick and right choice by comparing. On sale of any item such websites gets a commission.

Starts Apps: Compare raja, my smart price etc.

Product Discovery: Online shopping websites search products from various other’s e-tailor websites and show those products under various categories to customers on their own websites. Due to this, customers need not to be searched a lot for a product and they also get information about new products also.

Start apps: clipin, wish picker etc.

E-tailor recommendation engines: E-commerce support companies provides intelligent tools based on clouds which makes the search personalized depends on customer browsing and shopping history.

Start apps: targeting mantra, unboxed etc.

How E-commerce Support and services beneficial for Merchants:

Multi Site Sales Management: Start apps provides single technology platform which help merchants to manage catalogue, inventory and sales on multiple retail websites. Software follows just like a service model where merchants paid according to the number of users per month, orders, websites etc.

Start apps: browntape, orderhive etc.


  1. Ecommerce has many advantages and maybe that’s why India is now turning very fast into online shopping.

  2. According to me Amazon is the best because they show earning when customers get their products in their hands, whereas flipkart shows payment right after the purchase so it will be vary if customer will cancel the product because you will not get any amount.

  3. The best eCommerce site i have observed so far is Amazon where it provides so many good deals and offers along with great customer support.

  4. E-commerce is great but sometimes there are some malpractices involved man! I have seen many people getting stones instead of products. So for me the best option of payment for E-commerce is COD.

  5. E-commerce is really advantageous, especially now that most people are using computers already.


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