911 Notepad Trick World Trade Center Attack Code

I am about to reaveal the 911 notepad trick which actually symbolises death and disaster of humanity rather than a funny computer trick. The World Trade Center attack on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 was heart moving. Q33NY was the flight number that hit the World Trade Center. It is the 911 notepad trick connecting the flight number Q33NY with the mishappening at the World Trade Center on 911. This is the code that the intelligence department got before 911 but were unable to trace out the meaning behind the code. If the intelligence would have understood the hidden meaning behind the code, hijacking of Q33NY might be avoided.

911 Notepad Trick World Trade Center Attack Code
911 Notepad Trick World Trade Center Attack Code

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Lets go through the 911 notepad trick now:

1. Click on Start button.
2. Click on All Programs.
3. Navigate to accesories and click on it.
4. Now go to notepad and open it by clicking on it.
5. Turn on the Caps lock.
6. Type Q33N
7. After typing Q33N click on format menu, click on font option.
8. A dialogue box will open where you have to change the font size to highest value that is 72.
9. Also change the font to Wingdings.
10. You might be amazed by the output so do not freak out at the result.
11. The result of 911 notepad trick is an airplane, two pieces of paper(World Trade Center), a skull and crossbones(danger sign) and lastly the star of David.


  1. This trick is really amazing and you defined it very easily in this post, I never known about this trick before.


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