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Teej is one of important festivals for married women in India. Teej mostly celebrated in the month of July or August. Teej is celebrated to welcome the arrival of Sawan or monsoon season. This festival is basically celebrated by girls and women. Teej has Holy significance according to Hindus. Teej is celebrated for the union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati.

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Happy Black Friday Wallpapers HD | Free Black Friday Sale Images

Beautiful Black Friday Wallpapers Images in HD : Black Friday is just the next day after Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is always celebrated on last Thursday and black Friday occurred on last Friday of the month November.
Black Friday is also known by the name of Black Shopping Friday. On this day people start shopping for Christmas. Shops on Black Friday offer great deals, huge discounts and many offers on their products. People think that shops earn huge profits on Black Friday that is why it is called Black Friday but the story behind it is very different. In the late 1869, two famous investors crashed the stock market which caused foreign trade to stop with around 20% dip in stock market and 50% in agriculture on this day. Due to the massive crash of the stocks on this day; the day got its name as Black Friday.
Previously Black Friday was celebrated only in United States but it is now celebrated in many countries around the world.

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Black Friday is the most awaited day of the year. People wait for this day to do more and more shopping with less money to spend. Now a day online shopping websites also celebrate black shopping Friday and give discount and attractive deals. So let’s make this day more beautiful with amazing Black Friday Wallpapers for backgrounds. Decorate your wall with these beautiful Black Shopping Friday banners. You cal also decorate your screen of phone and laptops with these Best Black Friday HD Images.

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