Microsoft Windows 10 Features : An insight to the Features of Windows 10

Recently, one of the global leaders in Operating Systems, Microsoft announced about the new operating system Windows 10. Though Microsoft Windows 10 is going to be available in about a year but the technical preview for Windows 10 operating system could be downloaded and the Windows 10 features could be previewed. We will learn about features of Windows 10 as it is going to be the future of Windows operating systems. After the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, Windows 9 was expected to be launched next as the successor of Windows 8.1 but the Microsoft Company has presented Windows 10 with new features. You could easily download the iso image file for technical preview of Windows 10 from ” Preview . Windows . com “ however; the Windows 10 will be available in market till the mid of next year, 2015.

Let us know more about the Microsoft Windows 10 Features in detail :

Windows 10 has the capability and flexibility to run on different devices from gaming console to desktop computers. Unlike windows 8 the Windows 10 interface is not completely tiled. If you use Windows 10 operating system with a keyboard then you would get a start menu. The start menu has a tiles feature in Windows 10. Touch mode gives a full tile interface. Search output displays results not only from computer but internet listings as well. When the user clicks on the button on task bar, the small previews of all windows could be viewed. For the touch users Windows 10 has bigger buttons in comparison to the past for better user friendly interface. You would be glad to learn that recycle bin could be pinned to start screen and taskbar.

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Windows 10 Features | New Features of Windows 10

Start Menu in Windows 10 :

Since Windows 95, the start menu has been a main feature of Windows. When Microsoft removed start menu in Windows 8, lot of consumers complained about the lack of start menu making Windows 8 difficult to use thereby decreasing user friendliness of the Microsoft operating system. Ultimately Microsoft had to bring the start menu back through the Windows 8.1 update which is almost a service pack upgrade. The four squares resembling the windows logo was not much helpful as it was not the start menu people were looking for, rather it just took the user to the tiled “Start Screen” or also known as the colourful “App Screen”. So Microsoft included start menu as one of the features of Windows 10. As a matter of fact they have combined the Windows 7 start menu and the Windows 8 tiled start screen in Windows 10. The start menu in windows 10 gives you two panels side by side. The left panel shows the Windows 7 like start menu with installed applications with the run command and search options. The right panel shows the Windows 8 like start screen with live tiles.

Smart search in Windows 10 :

The all new Windows 10 start menu has a search bar at the bottom like Windows 7. You were able to search for files and apps for PC in Windows 7 using the search bar. The Windows 10 search bar will allow searching for files on PC and apps in Windows store. If no matching or relevant results are found for search in PC then the browser window will open with Bing results.

Windows 10 flexible Apps :

The modern apps in Windows 8 can run in full screen mode only. You cannot resize the running apps for multitasking. The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system makes the modern apps more flexible. You could enjoy the modern interface of Windows 10 by running more than one application at a time because unlike Windows 8 the app runs in a window instead of the full screen mode. You could benefit a lot from the multiple features of Windows 10 as application is a major focus. This will provide the app developers with many opportunities to work on new applications.

Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 :

The Microsoft Windows 10 has built in support to prepare for multiple virtual desktops on a single screen. You could prepare a desktop for documents, second for multimedia and use the third for web browsing. You can run apps on different desktops and easily switch between those. This Windows 10 feature is similar to the space feature of Apple Os X. If you have a small display then this feature can be very useful for you.
The Windows 10 Universal Store :
Normally the windows desktop and the windows phone have a different app store. Microsoft is planning to make a universal app store in Windows 10 which will work for different devices like desktop, servers and phones. The official announcement of the universal app store is yet to be done but the present Windows store and old apps will work fine with the new Windows 10 store.
Multitasking in Windows 10 :
In Windows 8 the snap windows feature allowed to run multiple apps on the same screen. There is no overlapping between windows but the number of open windows is limited to the screen size and display resolution. In Windows 10 you can snap four windows in every corner so that each window takes equal space on the screen. As of now it is not clear that this is going to be dependent on the desktop resolution or not. This Windows 10 feature could bring a revolution in multitasking.
The Windows 10 Home View :
In the explore window sidebar, just above the favourites section you will find a new icon named Home. This allows you to see favourites, recent folders and recently accessed documents or files. A user can easily move between the folders and that too without using the start menu time and again.
Windows 10 CMD[Command Prompt] :
You can finally use the keyboard shortcuts; for an example : to paste you needed to right click and paste. But now you can use Control [CTRL] + V to paste things in the command prompt. In fact Windows 10 features are giving you an option to set up properties for the command prompt. You can right click the command prompt window title bar, select the properties option and enable several new features in the experimental tab.

The software manufacturing company Microsoft is preparing to launch the windows new version Windows 10. This update will be provided free of cost to the users. Not only this, even the users of pirated version of windows will be given out free copies of windows 10. Microsoft announced this during the windows hardware engineering community conference held in china. Microsoft operating system unit Executive Vice – President Terry Myerson said that Microsoft will be releasing windows 10 in 190 countries. Microsoft’s windows operating system is being used in more than 1.5 billion computers and this windows 10 update will take it to new heights globally.

I have tried my best to give you a quick overview about the Windows 10 features. If there are other attributes or features of Windows 10 you would like to include or add up please share those specifications with us through comments.


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