Some Useful Photo Editing Apps for Android and Ios Platforms

Do you know photo editing apps that make the pictures even the more beautiful? There are many apps in market for your smartphone cameras but you cannot trust everyone and also every app has all features required by you. So here there are some photo editing apps through which you can set the brightness and contrast of your photos, even more than these.

List of photo editing apps for android and Ios platforms :

Aviary : This app is useful for both Ios as well as android users. Generally photo editing apps have features like photo enhancement, photo effects and frame options. But Aviary has many others unique options also along with these common features. This app allows you to organize color balance, texture, saturation and focus. In this app you can add stickers, drawing and text in your pictures. This feature helps you to remember date, location and wish your loved one. This app helps you to remove all the drawbacks from your pictures.
Snapseed: This app is available free for android and Ios users. Its interface is user friendly and easy to use. Snapseed app offers basic and advanced tune-up tools for images. This app helps you to adjust white balance, saturation, contrast and brightness of photos. Inspite of these features you can also create depth in images. Snapseed app provides with creative effects like tilt, shift and vintage.

Some Useful Photo Editing Apps for Android and Ios Platforms
Photo Editing Apps for SmartPhone – Android, iOS & Blackberry Lab: This app is freely available and totally compatible with android and Ios platforms. This app proves to be very useful, if you want to merge various different types of effects in your photos. It offers more than 500 (five hundred) effects for your photos. Except these you also find photo frames, animated effects and photo filters.
Photo Studio: This app is basically for Blackberry users only. It is freely available. It offers more than 100 (a hundred) photo filters and also provides many image editing tools for its users.


  1. I like to do some photo editing in my android smartphone and I am glad you shared these applications.

  2. I was finding such apps from quite a while, thanks for sharing, it really helped me a lot.

  3. I think Aviary and Pixlr-Express is the best photo editor app for iPhone and Android phone. Thank you for sharing these useful apps.


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