Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player (WMP)

Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts for windows media player that not only help to play but also to manage audios and videos. These keyboard shortcuts for windows media player helps to perform many activities like manage playlist, increase or decrease volume, switch to different screen modes etc.

List of Audio Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player :

Create a New List ——— Ctrl + N
Select the item from the list ——– Ctrl + 7
Add a song to the existing list —— Ctrl + O
Stop playing a song ——– Ctrl + S
Play or Pause a song ——- Ctrl + P
Forward to next song —– Ctrl + F
Backward to previous song —- Ctrl + B
Mute the volume ———- F7
Increase the volume ——– F8
Decrease the volume ——- F9
Switch to Classic menu ——– F10
Open Window media player help ——- F1
Play the song with slow speed —— Ctrl + Shift + S
Play the song with normal speed —— Ctrl + Shift + N
Play the song with fast speed ——— Ctrl + Shift + G
Fast Forward a Song ——- Ctrl + Shift + F
Go to Music Menu —— Ctrl + M
Repeat the playlist —— Ctrl + T
Turn on or off subtitles —– Ctrl + Shift + C
Close window media player —— Alt + F4
Minimize Window Media Player —— Alt + Space + n
Maximize Window Media Player —— Alt + Space + X
Restore Window Media Player —— Alt + Space+ Enter

List of Video Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player :

Zoom to 50 % ——— Alt + 1
Zoom to 100% —– Alt + 2
Zoom to 200% —– Alt + 3
Switch to Full Screen ——- Alt + Enter
Switch to Classic Menu —– Ctrl + 1
Switch to Skin Screen —– Ctrl + 2
Rewind Video ——- Ctrl + Shift + B
Fast forward video —— Ctrl + Shift + F
Navigate to Videos —- Ctrl + E
Play a video ——– Ctrl + Shift + P
Stop a video ——- Ctrl + Shift + S
Pause or resume a video ——- Ctrl + P
Change the screen Aspect ratio —– Ctrl + Shift + Z
Forward to next video ——- Ctrl + F
Backward to previous video —– Ctrl + B
Window media Player is one of the commonly used player to listen music.So these shortcuts are proven to be very useful for keyboard freaks.

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    I personally like to use programmable keypads and just store the commands into a single button. It makes shortcuts so easy and simple. You can see some of the different programmable keypads.

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