50 Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player

Below is the list of Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player that are most commonly used and are very helpful when you are listening to music and doing some other task simultaneously. Vlc Media Player is a platform independent media player. Like the Windows Media Player it is freely available on the internet but runs almost all multimedia files and formats, DVD, CD and VCD etc.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player:

1. F – Full screen view mode.
2. S – To Stop Media.
3. V – to enable subtitle track
4. M – Mute Media
5. B – To change the Audio Track
6. A – change the aspect ratio
7. C – to crop ratio
8. +/ [ – Play movie fast
9. -/] – Play movie slowly
10. = – Play movie normally
11. J – decrease audio delay
12. K – increase audio delay
13. G – Decrease subtitle delay
14. H – increase subtitle delay
15. N – play next song in the list
16. Z – zoom the media
17. P – start the movie, video, song from beginning
18. T – Show Time ratio i.e played time/ total time
19. Ctrl + T – helps to jump to specific time
20. Ctrl + E – helps to add and adjust control effects

50 Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player
50 Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player

21. Ctrl + H – hide the control bar
22. Shift + S – take the screen shot of the current media playing on the screen
23. Space bar – To play and pause media
24. Ctrl + up arrow – to increase the volume
25. Ctrl + Down arrow – to decrease the volume
26. Ctrl + right arrow – Fast Forward
27. Ctrl + left arrow – Rewind
28. Alt + Right arrow – forward by 10 sec
29. Alt + left arrow – Rewind by 10 sec.
30. Alt + F4 – Close Vlc Media Player
31. Ctrl + I – Show the information about the current playing media
32. Alt + m – enable media menu
33. Alt + L – enable Playlist menu
34. Alt + I – Enable view menu
35. Alt + A – Enable audio menu
36. Alt + H – Enable Help menu
37. Alt + T – Enable Tool menu
38. Ctrl + M – show Messages
39. Ctrl + D – open Disc menu
40. Ctrl + F – open folder window
41. Ctrl + O – select one or more files to open
42. ESC – exit full screen
43. Ctrl + P – Open Interface setting window
44. Ctrl + N – Open media Network
45. Ctrl + C – Open Capture devices
46. Ctrl + L – Open playlist
47. Ctrl + Y – Save playlist
I always love to share things which I think to be useful for others. Use these Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player while listening to music, watching movies and playing videos. If you like these shortcuts and they help you in any way, do not forget to leave your precious suggestion or comments.
You can visit the official website to download the installer and try these Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player .

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