Format Hard drive with USB drive

We often keep searching for methods to format hard drive of our computer/PC other then using the DVD drive or CD drive. If you are one of the seekers for such a method to format hard drive , you are on the right page. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to do this. All you need is a USB stick/pen drive and a windows CD/DVD or at least windows image/setup files.
Lets begin with the procedure. First of all we need to prepare the pen drive/USB stick. Ensure that your pen drive/USB stick is virus free and empty and has enough space to hold all the windows setup files that is on the windows CD/DVD. Plugin you pen drive/USB stick. Then open Command-Prompt(cmd.exe) with ADMIN rights.

Type in and do the following as directed to format hard drive with usb:

1. Diskpart
2. List Disk
3. Select Disk 1
4. Clean
5. Create Partition primary
6. Select partition 1
7. Active
8. Format fs=NTFS
9. Assign
10. Exit

After you are done with this you just need to copy the windows setup files to the pen drive/USB stick. Now you have to enable USB booting in BIOS setup and also set pen drive/USB stick in the first preference on top to boot from. Just plugin and use you pen drive/USB stick to format hard drive of your computer same like a windows CD/DVD.

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  1. says

    Fadzil you need to copy the files in the iso into the usb.

  2. Fadzil says

    After that do i need to copy the iso or the file in the iso into the usb?

  3. says

    With all due respect, there is nothing to be explained. If you just follow these steps. I mean now instead of click ok,press ok or select ok if I just write ok, so I don’t think you need an explanation for that, that is something which falls under so called “common-sense”.

  4. XTC says

    This is trash man – 100 words that don’t explain anything!

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